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Machineries Import Service

Importing and exporting machinery is a complex and highly regulated process. McLintock International is the shipping agent of Perth who knows the rules and knows how to ensure your goods arrive safely on time.

If you want to import machinery to Australia (as well as used parts for agriculture, mining and construction) it’s important to know the process is generally subject to import conditions and Australian Government regulations through the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.

Permits are required for any used machinery that has come into contact with soil, animal or plant material. This applies to both breakbulk and containerised machinery. Import permits must be obtained before arrival, and your imported machinery must be clean on arrival. Machinery may require dismantling for effective cleaning before importing into Australia and must be kept clean during transport. If import conditions are not met, machinery will not be released and may be exported at the importer’s expense.

McLintock International is a shipping company providing import-export services tailored to these requirements. Correctly preparing machinery and earthmoving equipment is our primary consideration when it comes to shipping. We are international freight brokers, customs brokers and shipping agents in Perth capable of managing all pre-shipping preparation.

  • Machinery dismantling
  • Cleaning in compliance with destination requirements
  • Packing
  • Collection and delivery to port
  • Fumigation
  • Permit applications (import, export and transport)
  • Vessel loading supervision
  • Machinery imports

As international freight brokers and shipping agents, you can rely on us to manage your machinery imports and exports. We can arrange efficient and cost-effective movement of your cargo from the wharf to one of our preferred cleaning facilities. We attend the initial quarantine inspection on the wharf before movement to a wash facility. This allows us to give you a useful update on your shipment. Through our network of preferred cleaning facilities, we can provide the most competitive balance between low cost and quick turnaround time to get your machinery released from quarantine and working for you.

Choose McLintock International as your shipping agent in Perth. You can rely on our comprehensive transport services.

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